Robotic Hair Restoration

No scalpels, linear scars, or down time.

FUE Hair Transplant

How does it work?

Our process is quite simple. We remove some of the hair from the back of your head. Don’t worry, nobody will notice it’s gone. Then, we place that hair on the top of your head. In a few months, you have a new head of hair.

  • Completely permanent
  • Natural looking results
  • Non-surgical procedure
  • Unique Athens process
  • Quick healing

Are you a Hair Restoration candidate?
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Experience Athens Hair Restoration

Step 1: Free Consultation

First, come visit our clinic. We’ll spend time answering your questions and listening to your concerns. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable with the process and confident in the results.

Step 2: Relaxing Preparation

The morning of your procedure, we’ll help you settle in to your private treatment suite. These rooms are designed with your comfort in mind. Our staff will explain the schedule, cut your hair if required, and numb your scalp so you won’t feel any pain.

Step 3: Robotic Precision

The first half of the procedure involves advanced robotics with incredible precision. We’ll remove hairs, or grafts, from the back of your head. You have extra hair here, so nobody will notice it’s gone. Most patients listen to music, watch movies, or even fall asleep. This process takes a few hours.

Step 4: Advanced Placement

After a catered lunch, we’ll begin the process of placing hair on the top of your head. Our technology and experience make this step incredibly effective. Most patients continue to relax with movies or music. Your scalp will remain the numb the entire time so you feel no discomfort.

Step 5: Quick Follow-Up

The next morning you’ll come by the clinic for a brief follow-up. This typically takes a few minutes. We’ll answer any questions and check to see how your scalp is healing. There is no down time required for this procedure. There are some minor limitations we recommend to ensure success in the first week.

Step 6: New Hair

Your new hair will begin growing in a few weeks. Within a few months you’ll see dramatic results. It typically takes six months for the full results to show.

Maximum Results, Minimum Downtime

We offer the biggest treatments with 2,000+ grafts
guaranteed & completely permanent results.

Hair transplant before and after

Our primary focus is an advanced procedure called an FUE hair transplant. The procedure works for any level of male pattern baldness, from slight recession to fully bald. This non-surgical procedure removes individual hairs from the back of your head and transplants them to the top and front. The results look natural and remain permanent. Schedule a free consult to learn more.


Is robotic hair restoration effective?

Here is what real patients have to say about ARTAS robotic hair transplants. Over 96% of patients rate this procedure as “worth it” on RealSelf. Thousands of patiens on RealSelf rated the FUE hair transplant so high that the procedure was a “Most Worth It Honoree” in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022.

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