Cutting-edge hair transplant technology

ARTAS robotic hair restoration is the most advanced in the world delivering amazing, permanent results.

ARTAS iX Robotic Technology

The precision of the ARTAS robot is unmatched by human hands. Our technology uses artificial intelligence and stereoscopic 3D cameras to deliver incredible hair restoration results.

  • No linear scars or scalpels
  • Advanced results without surgery
  • More accurate than the human hand
  • Never gets tired or distracted
  • Permanent and natural results
  • No down time

Incredible precision for amazing results

Artificial Intelligence

  • Advanced AI analyzes and monitors every single hair follicle
  • AI-optimized randomized selection for a natural look
  • Highest quality graft selection to ensure results
  • Machine learning maps the entire harvest area

HD Stereoscopic Vision

  • 44-micron resolution visualizes every hair
  • Recognition of key features 60 times per second
  • Image-guided robotic alignment for precision

Athens advanced technology

Robotics, AI, and machine learning provide next-level results


The other guys

Hand tools subject to human distraction and fatigue

Handheld FUE Punch

No linear scars or scalpels

There are two primary types of hair transplant procedures: FUE and FUT. We do robotic FUE hair transplants. For most men, this is the ideal approach for hair restoration. Unlike FUT, the FUE procedure leaves no linear scars. Our technology transplant individual hairs from back of your head to the front. While this can be done by hand, the ARTAS technology is far more accurate.

✅ FUE – No Scar

fut after

❌ FUT – With Scar

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